The Equality Act: Pipedowners act

Recently several members – those, with acute hearing problems such as  tinnitus and dystonia but who are not actually deaf – have announced that they are willing to confront shops, restaurants, banks and other places that fail to provide for their condition. (The Equality Act of 2010 ‘requires service providers to make a reasonable adjustment for disabled people to make sure that they are not places at a substantial disadvantage compared to non-disabled people. This may include such actions are accommodating requests for communications to be conducted in a particular format.’  See the post for 28 October 2018). As most places are probably unaware of the Equality Act, initial reactions may be bafflement, even disbelief. However, pointing out the Act’s implications could quickly lead places to reconsider their piped music policies. They are very unlikely to want to risk breaking the law. Pipedown can produce a new card along these lines for members’ benefit, if enough members want one.