How to join Pipedown

Join the campaign and help prevent every corner of the world becoming filled with inescapable, non-stop piped music!


To join, please send a cheque payable in pounds sterling to Pipedown, 1 The Row, Berwick St James, Salisbury SP3 4TP, together with your name and address. Alternatively, and very much preferably, you can pay direct by BACS to HSBC account no 21145940 sort code 40-07-14. Please email beforehand giving  your full personal details. Please also send  an A-5-sized SAE to 1 The Row, Berwick St James Salisbury SP3 4TP if you would like cards and stickers.

To contact us, email or phone 07971 518976

Membership benefits include: 

  • NEWSLETTERS with news of recent research, our latest campaigns and the fight against piped music and piped television around the world, along with suggestions for varied Quiet Corners (shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, airlines, banks…)
  • FOUR different types of protest card four to hand out.
  • FOUR different types of stickers – two for envelopes, one  to put in car windows, one to place in windows to advertise that the place concerned is piped music-free.
  • OTHER types of posters and stickers.
  • All these are available free to members in any (reasonable) number.
  • MEMBERSHIP of the sub-campaign against the excessive music ruining many factual TV and radio programmes, and of local groups such as those recently set up in Edinburgh and in London.
  • For members living outside the UK, membership is £25.
  • Life Membership is on offer at £240 (or £175 if you are aged over 75).

If you have any queries email  or phone [+44] 07971 518976