Skipton Building Society cuts the on-hold muzac!

The following welcome news appeared in the Spring 2019 magazine of the Skipton Building Society:- ‘We[the Skipton Building Society]  recently gave customers the option to turn off the music and messages they’d usually hear if they were put on hold during a call to us. It was originally intended to help customers with accessibility needs who are affected by loud music. However, figures show that on average so far this year, 35% of our callers are now opting for the silent option and we’re getting great feedback from customers.’

This shows that a significant  proportion of customers – far more than just those thought disabled – prefer silence to canned music down the line, debunking the old myth that callers ring off if there is no muzac to reassure them.  We must get other banks, building societies etc to offer the same silent option, in the normal way: by protest!