Loud Vocal Music in Cars Causes Accidents

Recent research shows that listening to loud music in cars, especially those with loud sing-along lyrics, can cause some motorists to become ‘mentally overloaded’, increasing the risk of them driving dangerously. This is particularly true in towns, where concentration is even more essential to avoid endangering cyclists or pedestrians. Researchers said drivers should be ‘wary of using loud, lyrical music in urban environments’ because it could ‘elevate levels of activation and even aggression’, particularly in the young. Instead they recommend listening to softer instrumental music, preferably classical. So ‘boom boys’ blasting their way through streets are not only a nuisance but a danger. This may not surprise many but it is good to have it confirmed. The recent study, carried out by academics from universities of Brunel, Coventry, Surrey and King’s College London, found that about 90 per cent of motorists listened to music while driving, with loud music being particularly popular with younger men.