Sign the petition to pressure supermarkets to introduce Quiet Hours/Days

There are tentative signs that more of the big supermarkets considering following M&S and reducing, even phasing out, their piped music, in part because of protests from people with autism, tinnitus, Asperger’s syndrome and similar health problems. Tesco is trialling ‘quiet hours’ in some of its Tesco Extra branches, where piped music is often played. Two other of the big four supermarkets also seem to have taken note of the petition below. Morrisons has announced that they are working with the National Autistic Society to pilot “quiet hours” in three stores, Woking, Gainsborough and Lincoln, from 09.00 to 10.00 on Saturday mornings. This pilot scheme starts on 27th March and will last for three months. ASDA has gone further and is planning to introduce “quiet hours” in its stores across the nationwide  to collect responses about a complete withdrawal of the piped music in their stores.

Like Action on Hearing Loss and other groups representing  people with such disabilities,, Pipedown has been pushing supermarkets to wake up to the problems that piped music causes such vulnerable shoppers. Now they finally seem to be listening. We must keep up the pressure.

Sign the petition below to help persuade the supermarkets.