Peter Jones introduces muzac! Write to protest.

Peter Jones in Sloane Square in London, which is one of the flagships of the beleaguered John Lewis chain (and a fine example of early Modernism), has been playing piped music across its ground floor. It is part of the chain that includes WAITROSE and has until now been completely free of piped music. Although I have been told that there are no plans at present to extend the music to Waitrose branches, and that even in Peter Jones they are playing it only for special events, it is a worrying precedent. Best to write in preemptively now to Tony Wheeler, Head of Peter Jones or to the newly appointed chairman of JL itself Dame Sharon White making the normal objections. John Lewis seems open to persuasion. (See the above entry about people who leave venues because of the noise).

PS John Lewis is closing all its department stores – though not its Waitrose branches – for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. When this ends, they will presumably reopen – free of any muzac with luck!