Leafleting concert goers

Carol Caplan has had a Brilliant Idea: handing out Pipedown leaflets to concert goers as they enter or leave a concert hall. As people who appreciate music when freely  chosen are among our keenest members, targeting people at such concerts should prove far more fruitful than thrusting our leaflets at the general public.

She is thinking in the first instance of leafleting the Wigmore and Cadogan Halls, and then possibly the Albert Hall later during the Proms. She would much appreciate company and support. This should take members very little time but ideally you should live in or near London. She is also interested in starting a local group for Pipedowners living in London, especially those living in the N2, N3, N8, N10, N11, N12, N14,N21, N22 post codes.

If interested, contact her at Pipedown@ossian.me.uk